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Olga Thomassen
Executive Search Associate
You are an experienced lawyer. You are satisfied with your career, but you are wondering if there are other positions that could offer you new challenges. Or, you may have already decided you are ready for a new opportunity and you would like to stay informed about what the job market has to offer you.

Legal People has been active for 25 years in the search and selection of experienced lawyers. We have in-depth knowledge of the legal job market built on close and sustainable relationships with our clients. These relationships enable us to closely follow developments in the legal job market and the possibilities for our candidates within this market.

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We kindly invite you to, free of any obligation, send us your CV. We will then include your information in our files. This way, whenever we have a position in portfolio that fits your profile, we are able to contact you. If, after sending your CV, we notice interesting aspects, we will contact you to make an appointment, either at or office or by telephone, with one of our advisors.

Often these conversations lead to a next step in a job application procedure. Though, it could also be that we conclude, together, that a specific position does not fit you well enough. In any case, we get to know each other better and we can help you to further define your possibilities. Finally, these conversations can also lead to the conclusion that your current job is right for you at your current stage in your career. This is a conclusion that can give you a lot of rest.

Needless to say, we handle your personal information and possible conversations with our advisors with strict confidentiality.


  • lawyer, candidate notary, legal counsel
  • your expertise can be in any area or sector
  • you have 2 to 40 years of professional experience
  • you want to explore new possible opportunities


  • the chance to, on a confidential basis, stay informed on new possibilities in the legal job market free of any obligations
  • gain insight in your options and values in the legal job market
  • discuss potentially interesting positions in a confidential environment
  • advisors with professional experience in and knowledge of the legal job market
  • the guarantee we never use any of your information before asking your permission to do so

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