Legal interim in the Netherlands

Preventively employing an interim lawyer – a worthwhile enterprise!

Do you ever wonder whether it’s worth investing in an interim solution, and whether an interim lawyer will provide a good return on that investment? Employing an interim professional can often cost more than a permanent employee. However, don’t forget that there are also a number of attractive benefits. In fact, once you’ve compared the costs and benefits, you will find that the price of engaging an interim lawyer is cheaper for the organization than it might initially seem. An interim solution will not create any further workload for the existing workforce. You won’t have to worry about continuing salary payments during illness or vacation, or making social security contributions. In addition, contracts are flexible and clearly delineated, and there is the option of renewal if desired.

There are also a number of indirect benefits that may make the use of an interim professional even more worthwhile and valuable:

Training function

Legal People Interim Solutions works with independent interim lawyers who operate their own businesses (sole proprietorship or limited liability company). Over the years, we have built up the largest current pool of qualified interim lawyers and we know them all personally. These lawyers deliberately choose interim positions and have a proven track record as lawyers, including on an interim basis. An interim lawyer can often contribute expertise of considerable value. In many cases, an interim professional can also perform a training function that is valuable to the growth of your employees and organization.

Special Forces

An interim professional can also be taken on for a specific project or as a strategic sparring partner. We call these experienced professionals ‘Special Forces’. These senior professionals can provide advice and support to the general counsel or the board and guide and resolve the situation at hand. An experienced professional is non-threatening and is completely focused on the project. If necessary, the lawyer can also temporarily take a position on the board to provide expert advice and take action where necessary. This keeps the process and costs under control.

Preventing downtime

Finally, have you ever considered using an interim professional as a means of avoiding long-term employee downtime, for example by supporting an overloaded colleague? Perhaps the information above will prompt the realization that the price of an interim solution need not always be the deciding factor. After all, remember that the cheap option can often turn out surprisingly expensive.

Does your organization need an interim lawyer (temporarily), and are you interested in finding out about the available options? Do you want to use an interim lawyer in a preventive capacity or for a specific project? We’d be happy to consult with you! You can reach us on 031(0)20-612 55 22 and at

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