Coaching by Legal People

We help experienced successful lawyers to become even more successful. We know the issues that experienced lawyers are up against, and the role they play in organisations.

Typical for coaching by Legal People?

We are interested in you as a person and we will coach you in a business-like fashion. Purposeful and result-oriented We consider coaching as a purposeful and result-oriented process, not an event.

Working method

Nobody is responsible for your career except you. We can help you to plan and shape your career purposefully. Coaching by Legal People is an individual process, and therefore requires a tailored approach. In our first meeting we jointly take stock of your questions and discuss the way we work. We investigate where you are through an assessment. Subsequently, we help you formulate your goals: what is it that really matters to you? We describe your goals, motivation and the actions to be taken in a coaching plan. We will include a schedule and decide how results are to be measured. Regularly, ideally every two weeks, we have a personal progress meeting: what actions have you taken, what are the results so far and are there issues in the coaching plan that need adjustment? You determine whether and when you have achieved your goals.

Examples of coaching processes:

Case: Leadership Coaching

A lawyer/partner felt that he could get more from his team. He went to a Legal People coach, because the Legal People advisers themselves have been active as lawyers and know from personal experience how big firms are run. The coaching sessions helped him to function even more successfully, and his team has become a great deal more effective.

Case: Executive Coaching

Legal People placed a senior lawyer with a listed company in a legal team of ten people. The senior lawyer was to succeed the General Counsel when he retired in a year’s time. With Legal People’s help, this lawyer is being prepared for his new role.

Case: Career Transformers

The former Head of Legal Affairs of APX-Endex had moved into the judiciary. But he did not feel at home there. In a series of talks with Legal People he discovered that he really liked the social impact of the work and the contact with people, but that he was uncomfortable with the solitary work and the organisation. Onno Verkuyl is now an adviser with Legal People.

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