Executive Search

Legal People was founded 25 years ago as the first executive search agency in the Netherlands focusing exclusively on legal professionals. We did this from an ambition to be able to advise at a high specialist level. Due to our in-depth knowledge of the legal professionals market, we can supply strong added value to both our candidates in their career advice and to our clients in helping them to staff their legal department/division. We are thorough, discreet and effective. As a result, we are the go-to executive search partner for top level legal professionals like General Counsel in the business sector and for partners in law firms and civil-law notarial firms.

Our starting point is to offer our clients a choice of the most suitable candidates available in the market at that time. For this we have devised a structured market approach. With our combination of this search procedure fine-tuned over 25 years, in-depth knowledge of the legal market and highly professional advisers, we claim a 100% success rate for legal positions in trade and industry. Over 95% of our searches for the private practice are successful as well.

In co-operation with the Hoofdkantoor we have developed a unique assessment for lawyers (the PACT measurement) to further optimize our services.

Executive search of: General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers, Legal Directors, Lawyer-partners, Civil-law notaries

Search & selection of: Company lawyers, (Senior) Legal Counsels, Lawyer-employees, Junior Civil-law Notaries

Interim Solutions

Under the name Legal People Interim Solutions, Legal People provides interim solutions in the professional legal field. These are positions which for whatever reason must be filled as soon as possible by a legal professional.

Legal People Interim Solutions collaborates with independent interim lawyers who contract themselves out (self-employed or private limited company). Over the years we have built up an extensive file of qualified interim legal professionals, whom we know personally. They consciously opt for interim positions and have proved track records as interim lawyers.

Web Working Women

Combining family responsibilities with demanding positions in law firms or company legal departments is highly challenging. As a result, many women take a career break when they have children, and often do not return to work. In order to retain the knowledge and talents of female lawyers we have developed a system to allow them to continue to do high-level legal work from home.

In this way we can also offer high-quality legal services to businesses and law firms at very competitive rates.

Compliance People is a label of Legal People and specialises in mediation of experienced compliance professionals for permanent positions as well as for strategic temporary compliance positions. For more information check:

Tax People is a label of Legal People and specialises in mediation of experienced tax managers for permanent positions as well as for strategic temporary tax positions. Form more information check: